From the recording Once Upon A Time (2011)


© Louis Gaston

I ran into Snow White,
The seven dwarfs were right :
They used to fuck her all night
It was my turn to have a bite…
I tried to be polite,
It turned into a fight.
The girl was so tight,
I felt just like a knight !

Chorus :
And I said,
Get on my horse bitch !
‘Got something to learn.
Get on my horse bitch !
There’s money to earn
Get on my horse bitch !
You can’t run, you can’t hide
There ain’t nothin’ you can do
So just enjoy the ride.

Cinderella was poor,
She used to mop the floor.
I found her on all fours,
So I banged her hardcore.
Her ass was kinda sore,
But still she wanted more
When we walked out the door
Cindy had turned into a whore.


I met Sleeping Beauty,
She’d been in bed for a century,
Wet dreams got her so horny :
There was a puddle in her panty.
I penetrated her slowly,
And she woke up to thank me.
When the prince arrived finaly,
He found the room was empty !

Chorus (x2)