1. Tremble

From the recording Once Upon A Time (2011)


© Louis Gaston

I tremble in the morning
I shiver through the day
I’ll tremble through tomorrow
As I trembled yesterday
I tremble in rehearsal
I shiver on the stage
I tremble in the open
And I shiver in my cage

I tremble through the chorus
I shiver through the verse
I tremble as I’m swearing
And I shiver when I curse
I tremble when I’m doing
I shiver when I’m done
I tremble while I’m singing
Shiver when the song is sung

Everything around me
Is everything I hate
But trembling is my destiny
Shivering’s my fate

I tremble when I’m craving
I shiver through the thirst
I tremble when I’m boiling
And I shiver ‘till I burst
I tremble when I start to drink
I shiver ‘till I’m drunk
I shiver till I’m worth no more
Than useless piece of junk

I tremble in my hiding place
I shiver in the dark
I shiver through the blackout
‘Till I wake up in the park
I tremble in the sunlight
I shiver in the rain
It trembles all around
Because I shiver in my brain


I trembled when I feared
I shivered when I dared
I tremble when I’m frightened
And I shiver when I’m scared
I tremble when it’s Yes
I shiver when it’s No
I tremble when I wonder
And I shiver when I know

I tremble when I’m chosen
I shiver when I choose
I tremble when I hope to win
I shiver when I loose
I tremble when I try so hard
I shiver when I rest
I tremble when I fuck it all
That’s what I do the best


I tremble when I’m moving
I shiver when I stop
I tremble as I stumble
And I shiver when I drop
I tremble with exhaustion
I shiver in despair
I tremble when I beg for help
I shiver in my prayer

I tremble when I’m pleading
But I have no excuse
I tremble on the gallows
I shiver through the noose
I’ll tremble in my coffin
I’ll shiver in the grave
I’ll tremble when I face Him
But there’s noting He can save