1. Honey Bunny

From the recording Once Upon A Time (2011)


© Louis Gaston

Do You think You’re pretty ?
Do You think You’re cool ?
Do You think You’re funny ?
Do You think You rule ?
Do You think You’re worth it ?
Do You think You’re good ?
Do You think I need You ?
Did You think I would ?

Well Fuck NO, Honey Bunny Sweet-heart :
You’re just a piece of crap to me !
Don’t give a damm about you Baby
On all I love I guarantee !

Do You think I’m stupid ?
Do You think I’m dumm ?
Do You think I’m brainwashed ?
Do You think I’m numb ?
Do You think I’m ugly ?
Do You think I’m fat ?
Do You think I’m useless ?
Do You think like that ?

Well Fuck YEAH, Honey Bunny Sweet-heart :
That is just the way I am !
I think You’re wright about me Baby,
But I don’t realy give a damm !

Do You want me guilty ?
Do You want me blamed ?
Do You want me punished ?
Do You want me framed ?
Do You want me tortured ?
Do You want my head ?
Do You want me hanging ?
Do You want my head ?

Well Fuck YOU, Honney Bunny Sweet-heart
I’m gonna live to see you die
When You’ll be passing away Baby
I wanna look you in the eye.