From the recording Once Upon A Time (2011)


© Louis Gaston

If the sun refuse to shine on you this morning
If you stumble in your head, and loose your feet
If your heart is left in shamble, and your life is in a gamble
I’ll tell you how to turn it all to sweet

Chorus :
You go down, by the river, in the water lays
The precious little secrets for some brighter days
You go down, by the river, I hope (I‘m shure) you will find
Find the missing pieces to your Jigsaw Puzzled Mind

If you feel the heavy load up on your shoulders
If you feel aside ‘cause you’re not in the line
If the inside’s getting old, and the outside’s getting cold
Trust your fate and it will work out fine


If you’re scared of people who will never harm you
If you fear the ones who trust you have all gone
If you cannot see the good, in the places where you should
I’ll show you what can help you moving on

If you’re lost, and you don’t know witch place wander
If the night is far too dark to carry on
If you’re tired and alone, and you feel you’re on your own
I’ll show you to a place where you belong