1. I Miss You

From the recording BLUE WORDS 'N WHITE CRAIE


© Louis Gaston

I Miss You, I Miss You
There’s a shadow where Your body used to lie
The lonely teardrops on my pillow never seem to want to dry
I Miss You, I can feel You breathe while I know it’s just a draft
I’m smiling at the times We argued, I cry the times We laughed

I loved You, I love You
It hurts the way You’re with me all the time
You left a heavy stain behind You, the phantoms of Your prime
I Miss You, and Your ghost it haunts me every single day
It’s a curse to live without You, it’s a price I’ll have to pay

I remember:
The times You’d hold my hand and whisper:
“Everything’s Alright”
I held on tight
I saw the light You shine
Now it’s dark I hope You’re fine
I hope your lovers treat You kind
Don’t ever look behind
Cause You might find
You’re still and always on my mind

I Miss You, I Miss You
I recall the night Our dream was torn apart…
It might have smashed me down to pieces,
But as the suffering decreases
You’re fading from my broken heart…

… I dismiss You
I just can’t forget the coldness in Your eye
The cruelty in the fashion
And the absence of compassion
In the way You said goodbye.