From the recording BLUE WORDS 'N WHITE CRAIE


© Louis Gaston

I acted as a fool
I gotta take the blame
Never meant to be so cruel
But I hurt You just the same

Brought tears to the cheeks of my mother
We drove each other mad
For all I made her suffer
The shame is very bad

I’ll take my time
To walk the line
In response: ability
Oh, Karma, Karma, Karma
Come to me

I acted as a savage
Time and time again
You know I’ve done a lot of damage
And caused a lot of pain

I’m doing time
Amending my crime
Paying my debt to society
So Karma, Karma, Karma…

Put pen to paper
And I listed all the ways I done you wrong
The list is long… but I’m still willing…
I’m here to face it
And I’m neither trying to hide or run away
I’m pleading guilty, I’m here to pay

And now’s the time
To redefine
What it takes to be a man
Oh, Karma, Karma, Karma
Here I am… doing time
Amending crime
Paying debt to society
So Karma, Karma, Karma
Wash me free