From the recording BLUE WORDS 'N WHITE CRAIE


© Louis Gaston

A foggy mind, and the clouds don’t go away
Shades of black and gray
I trade my truth for a lie of solid gold
Time is getting old…

Spent many hours, I can waste a little more
Waiting by the door
I don’t want no reason, but I guess I need a goal
Time is getting old…

I tried my best, I did everything I could
Didn’t do much good
I played my best cards now I guess it’s time to fold
Time is getting old…

I use to burn, I had sparkles in my soul
Now it’s getting cold
The fire’s out, and the embers turn to coal
Time is getting old…

The sun is going down, as I’m wrapping up my song
Life will carry on
I’m letting go, of this pain I’m used to hold
Time is getting old…