1. Carry On

From the recording BLUE WORDS 'N WHITE CRAIE


© Louis Gaston

You heard Your voices calling
And You believed the crazy words they’d say
You followed them around the world
Your Hopes & Dreams they carried You away
They Carried On…

Oh vagabond You live a Life of sin
You tackle danger with a grin
You thought it to be brave to misbehave
D’ya hear me singing on Your grave?
I’ll Carry On… I’ll Carry On…

The journey ended on a beach in Spain
You couldn’t put up with the pain
You’d seen your life go by, You cry
Your Hopes & Dreams they asked for You to die
They Carried On… and Carried On…

You chose to wait for the sun to rise
See him reaching for the skies
And have that printed in your eyes…
It’s beauty be the last thing that You’d see
Before You take off and fly free
Your wings would spread across the sea…

Check the branch ; check the knot is loose
Check Your head inside the noose
And then said “Farewell” to the world: it’s cruel
My Boy, You kicked away the stool
You Carried Off…. I’ll Carry On…


Your leap of faith, it didn’t make a sound
Your feet they never hit the ground
Now Your eyes are shut, Your lips are cold,
And all those poems that You wrote, were never to be told

My Hopes and Dreams don’t fool me today
My Innocence belongs to long ago
But I’ll keep You in my Heart deep down inside,
My friend : You’re everywhere I go
We Carry On… Carry On… We Carry on.

I play it tough and hard
Today my heart feels like a broken piece of glass
And I’m singing for memory to last
Alike an echo from the past You Carry On…